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Natural Ways to Quit Smoking: 13 Herbs to Help

Natural ways to quit smoking can be more attractive than a patch or nicotine gum. After all, they’ve been around much longer and lack the additives and strange ingredients pharmaceutical products often contain. Since tobacco’s from nature, it only makes sense that decent tobacco alternatives would be found in the wild too. Some people use […]

Natural Aphrodisiacs from Around the World

Everyone is interested in a natural aphrodisiac — even Oprah. Using nature’s gifts to improve your sex life sounds great, right? People around the globe agree and have been boosting sexual desire with ethnobotanicals from almost every continent. Some of the uses are stranger than others, though. Supposedly women used to rub powdered basil on their private parts in […]

Dreamy Ethnobotanicals: Herbs Some Use as Natural Sleep Aids

A good night’s rest is incredibly vital for staying healthy, energized, and alert. According to Harvard researchers, an ongoing lack of sleep contributes to heart disease and shorter lifespan. And as you may have heard, driving drowsy may be worse than driving drunk. But what if you can’t sleep? Thankfully, nature is home to abundant natural sleep aids that people […]

How to Relieve Menstrual Cramps with Ethnobotanicals

Image: Flickr If you’re intrigued by ancient uses for plants or how they fit into our culture today, guess what? You’re interested in ethnobotany! Ethnobotanicals, by extension, are the plants that are the subject of this study and folklore. Ethnobotanicals have been used for centuries for a variety of purposes: to elevate mood, calm the spirit, provide a […]

Ethnobotanicals and Improved Mental Acuity

There are many herbs and plants that have been used for a variety of purposes, including culinary and cultural. But others also have medicinal properties. Historically, certain ethnobotanicals were believed to make people smarter, improve memory, and reduce stress. We’ve listed several of these medicinal herbs below.   Ginkgo biloba Some people believe that the […]

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds: Herb Stomp’s Guide

How would I summarize the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose in one sentence? It’s a beautiful addition to any garden, and had the ability to put shamans in touch with spirits. It’s quite a versatile plant. The climbing vine goes by many different names, such as Elephant Creeper, Woolly Morning Glory, and Monkey Rose. This is likely […]

Traditional Native American Medicine: A Basic History

The key to surviving in a new environment is listening to the people who know it best. This was a difficult lesson for pioneers arriving in the Americas. Those who survived were often the ones that swallowed their pride and embraced the abundant medicinal knowledge of the Native Americans. Natives had long been treating illnesses […]

9 Ethnobotanicals That Are Healthy Alternatives to Coffee

If you drink coffee regularly and enjoy more than one or two cups a day, “quitting” is going to be a headache. Literally. Your temples will pound. You’ll feel irritable. In more dramatic cases of caffeine addiction, you may feel symptoms of mild depression. “Wait,” you cry, “quitting coffee? Why would any sane human being […]

5 Ethnobotanicals Originally Used In Ancient Chinese Medicine

What if you could clearly observe the effects of ethnobotanicals on your body? No guesswork. Just evidence that whatever you use is making a difference. The Diving Farmer Shennong could, but he had a transparent body. Is that cheating? Whether this ancient Chinese ruler and cultural icon actually had a transparent body is beside the […]

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